Getting Around Monterey

Monterey Public Transit Buses
Owned and operated by the Monterey-Salinas Transit Authority(MST), the public buses run throughout the city of Monterey as well as along the Cannery Row. The public bus system travels not only through the Monterey area, but through Salinas also. You can purchase a GoPass or GoCard for trips on the public bus either on the bus or online.

Monterey Airbus Shuttle Service
If you want a quick and convenient method of transportation around the Cannery Row area, then check out the Monterey Airbus Shuttle Service. The shuttle bus will not only take you to the Cannery Row area, but also from the airport to your hotel or anywhere throughout Monterey. The airbus provides door-to-door shuttle service to the airport and you can book a rid on the airbus shuttle online and save money during your trip.

Amtrak California
One of the most convenient methods of transportation to get around California is the Amtrak California train. The train also has a stop in Monterey near Cannery Row that can provide you with an easy way to get to the area from all over the state. Amtrak uses a bus service to transport you from areas like San Jose or San Francisco to the Cannery Row area where you can see attractions such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Taxi Cabs
Monterey has a number of taxicab companies in town that provides service to Cannery Row. Taxis are a convenient way to get around and offer an easy, inexpensive means of transportation. Some of the cab companies that are available in Monterey includes Yellow Cab, Central Coast Taxi, Cab 33, Associated Taxi and more. Getting around Monterey by Taxi is fairly inexpensive since the Monterey area is compact. The attractions and activities are just minutes from each other, including the attractions along the Cannery Row.

Rental Cars
For the most flexibility and easiest method of transportation in Monterey, there are several rental car agencies that will allow you to rent a vehicle that will fit your needs and schedule. When you rent a car, you can have transportation available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you more freedom to visit the attractions along Cannery Row and leave when you are ready. This will let you schedule your visits on your own time, rather than rushing to meet a bus or cab.